Space City Pinball League
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Head of the Class Head of the Class
Earned for making A Division.

Introduced 04/01/2015

Players With This Badge (16)

PlayerDate Earned
Phil Grimaldi04/12/2016
Rusty Key04/12/2016
David Pollock04/12/2016
Brian Foytik04/12/2016
John Costa04/12/2016
Marc Gammons04/12/2016
Brad Berryman04/12/2016
Austin Knight04/12/2016
Michelle Costa04/12/2016
Howard Kammerman04/12/2016
Robert Clauson04/12/2016
Erich Stinson04/12/2016
Bruce Hilty04/12/2016
Cory Westfahl04/12/2016
Justin Niles04/12/2016
Preston Moncla04/12/2016